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IMoo Watch Z6 Green

IMoo Watch Z6 Green


Accurate Locating with Satel- Lite-GPS

Real-time Locating

Satellite-GPS, Base Station (BS), Acceleration Sensors, A-GPS, WiFi,

Security Guard

Set pre-defined areas’ Wi-Fi on the imoo APP so as to receive
notification when your child enters or leaves an area such as
school or home.

Movement Status Monitoring

With imoo APP, you will not only find your child’s location, but
also their movement status.

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The Best Communication
Gadget for all Children

2-Way Video CallEnjoy face to face video conversations with your child at any time.

2-Way Phone CallLimit contact to only present contacts with “reject unknown call” feature.

Chat & Family ChatMessage with your child from the imoo APP and share in their daily
activities! Texts, Voice Messages, Emojis, Photos, and Short Videos
can be sent both ways.


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